Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Back in the blog again

Where have we been for 22 months?

  Mostly this is a test.  We have not been able to update the blog for almost 2 years. Not sure what happened but we just could not get in.  On a whim today I tried again and holy cow it worked.  Didn’t do anything we hadn’t tried before but this time it worked.

We have been work camping at Mountaindale  again.  This is our 7th season here.  Mostly everything is the same.  Some different people working with us but for the most part everything is the same.

We spent the past winter in Florida.  3 months in Bonita Springs at Imperial Bonita Estates,, and then 2 months in Leesburg at where we purchased a mobile home.

So ends our 100 months of full timing.  Now we are just plain old snow birds.  Since we are not full timing any long we have decided to sell our Mobile Suites and our 08 Chevy Silverado and down size to a class A class  orC motor home. So if anyone is looking for a really nice full time rig here’s a link to our add on RVTrader and the truck is also available as a combo with the trailer or alone after the trailer sells.

Well we will see how the blog goes and if we can continue to update then we will. 

Until then???????????

Monday, October 5, 2015 - A weeks Worth of Activity (Indian Creek, MO)

This week was full of fun and relaxing. 
I have pictures but internet not good enough to post.

Tuesday, September 29

B&J took us for a ride to show us around the area. We saw the house that Janet grew-up in.  
After they were married they actually purchased it and started a family. Then they built a home in the woods on several acres with a pond in the back of the house.
They showed us the many campgrounds in the area. We took a ride to the Clarence Cannon Dam and the W. Boudreaux Memorial Visitors Center. The center has many stuffed animals on display of which there are several that Bob has donated.
We stopped at a local place for dinner called “The Junction” before going home to Bella.

Wednesday, September 30

We took a ride to Hannibal to see E&M.  B&J were going to Warrensburg to get their youngest daughter and take her to St. Louis for a doctor’s appointment on Thursday.
We have stayed at Mark Twain Campground before so Jesse knew the way.  We made our way through the road construction in town and pulled up in front of their rig.
Bella was excited to see them. We sat outside visiting and getting caught up.
Then we put Bella in her kennel and headed into town for lunch. Hannibal Brewery was the place.
E&M had never eaten there before so it was new to all of us. The location use to be a car dealership so it was transformed.
The food was tasty and the company was better. After eating we sat talking and getting caught up on the internet.  Service at our campgrounds is not very good.
We headed back to camp and Bella. We took her off lease and let her run around the field next to their site, she was having fun! We sat and talked for awhile before heading back home.

Thursday, October 1

We just hung out around camp today and got some chores done. Washed windows, dumped tanks, washed the RV cap and did laundry.  After dinner we walked over to B&J’s to say hello to Kelsey as she was staying with them for the weekend.

Friday, October 2

We were up and out early because I had an eye doctor’s appointment. About 2 weeks ago I got a large floater in my right eye.  I just needed to make sure that there was no damage. Good to hear that there wasn’t, and I just needed to get use to it.
Then we went to lunch at Subway and I got my nails done before moving on to Walmart.
We got home and I put the groceries away and then we went over to sit with Janet and Kelsey to visit. Bob was off doing hunting things with his brother.
Back at home I made dinner and we relaxed.

Saturday, October 3

We spent most of the day and all evening over at B&J’s sitting in front of the campfire.  Terryn, Kolton, Kara and Dustin came and we all ate food, laughed, roasted marshmallows and had lots of fun.

Sunday, October 4

Again we just hung out at home. I did some laundry, made a pot of chicken chili and just relaxed.

Moving  on with week 2.

Monday, September 28, 2015 - A day of mostly rest (Indian Creek, MO)

This morning we just sat around with our usual activities. 

I made breakfast of corned beef hash, eggs, and toast.

Then we got busy and gave the inside of the RV a good cleaning, which didn't take too long.

Then we took Bella for a walk around our loop and decided to take a drive to see the other area's of the park.

The marina and boat launch.

We were sitting outside when B&J returned from their errand in town. We grabbed some chairs and sat with us on our patio. We talked about everything and then had pie and ice cream.

Bella loves to sniff around and chew on twigs. The leaves stick to her face hair and she looks a mess, but still cute!

It was getting late so we said goodnight and went to our own rigs. 

Shortly after that I heard voices and looked outside and found Steve and Cathy.

I grabbed some chairs and then went over to let B&J know that we had company. They came back over and we sat visiting and getting caught up until darkness came.

 We all said goodnight again and went back into our rig for the night.