Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!


Well I thought I would write something in the blog just to see if it still works. 

We have settled in nicely in our mobile home in Leesburg Florida.  I like the area in the

Harris Chain of Lakes.  Their are 5 major lakes in the area that are connected by man made canals

and creeks.  It all starts at the southern end of Lake Apopka and flows north through Lake Beauchlair

to Lake Dora to Lake Eustis to Lake Harris and Little Lake Harris to Lake Griffin to the Ocklawaha River

on to the St. Johns River.  Not too many water bodies and rivers flow north but this all does.  There

are a couple of dams and locks on the water ways and it takes about 36 hours boating time to make it

all the way to the Atlantic though one of the locks is under reconstruction  so you won’t be able to

complete the trip for a few months.  All of this is managed by the St James River Water Management

District responsible for  maintaining water levels in the lakes according to guide lines set by the Army Corps of Engineers

back in the 70’s.  All of the canals were hand dug early in the 1900’s and nothing was engineered with

water management in mind so the Water District has to deal with inherited long and narrow canals making

it very difficult to lower water levels in the rainy season.

Part 2 to be continued


Joe and Crickett Cherry said...

Yep, still works!

Linda Goudelock said...

where are you? what are you doing?

Jocelyn Anastasia said...


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