Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, August 8 – Halloween weeks

As I sit here typing looking out the window this is what I see.


He or she looked like they were enjoying there pinecone nut very much and they are really fun to watch. The boys also like watching and wanting to run after them. Nature can be so fun to watch.

I friend of ours lost their dog this week and another friend got a new puppy…Life goes on!

This is the first week of Halloween here at LGE. It is one of the biggest draws for the resort and we really fill up for the two weekends. You may remember from last year they do a haunted hay ride on Saturday nights. The tickets sold out in 20 minutes.

Usually all the employees dress up on Saturday for the work day, but this year only a few did. Here are the pictures I took.




There were some family birthday’s this week so here is a salute to them>

happy birthday3 DAVID

David and Katie




Hope you all have or had a wonderful Day!! Hugs to all

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Happytrails said...

Halloween in August....sounds like fun to me!! You all looked so "nice."
Have a fun time!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)