Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, December 27 - Staying Busy (Ingram, TX)


Today the weather was awesome, sunny and high of 64. That may not sound wonderful to those in south Texas and Florida, but it’s the warmest, driest weather that we have had in a long time.


Yesterday Joanne and I went to Walmart in Kerrville. We stopped at Wendy’s and brought our guys some lunch home.

I did laundry and just relaxed in the afternoon.

Last night we all went to Mamacita’s for dinner, a very nice Mexican Restaurant. We had been there before when we were here in 2009 with a bunch of RV-Dreamers for a gathering. The food was still good and the company was great but small in comparison.


Today Jesse and I went to Fredericksburg to browse the shops. Jim and Joanne had planned to go with us but Jim was not feeling well today so they stayed home.

This is the trees in the park. The wood one played music while the people were going around.


We enjoyed walking around the stores looking at all the things we didn’t buy. We had lunch in one of the local places on the main street.

The only thing we bought today was food, we purchased lunch and brought home strudel and fudge.

Once at home I continued to do laundry. For dinner Joanne made pasta and sauce, I made a salad and bread. She also made bread pudding for dessert and I served the strudel. We all ate at our place because we had a little more room.


We enjoyed the company and we lingered talking after we all were stuffed. It seems no matter who we are with it’s we are always eating.



Gypsy said...

Sacramento has been in the hi 60's/lo 70's and I guess that's ok weather while it's sunny.

The Happy Wanderers said...

Hi guys, We are waiting patiently for you to arrive but please hurry on down here! We miss you!
We do have some mail waiting for you. In fact I nearly wrecked my bike trying to carry all of the mail, boxes and all, while riding back to our site. That will cost you one cold beer!
Travel safe and we'll see you soon.
E & M