Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, June 11th – Working, Family and Friends (Colorado Springs, CO)


I know it’s been awhile since I have blogged. Since I started working full time it’s really hard to find time to get everything done. We have spent time with family and friend and that is much more important to me then blogging.

Starting with the most recent I will try to give you some idea what we have been doing.

Today Marilyn and I went into CO Springs to do some shopping. Then we met our guys at Panera for lunch. Always good food.

Sunday we met Ed and Marilyn and Mike & Marian at Pizzaria Rustica for lunch. Bob and Janet drove with us.


We had a great time with our friend and Bob and Janet were the life of the party. 


We had Colt staying with us for 4 days last week. I really understand why we have children while we are young.


He really made Grampy, Bayer and Buddy very tired.


We were very happy to see E&M arrive and we had a cook-out to celebrate.


We helped our granddaughter Kacie celebrate her graduation.

We spent a girls day out shopping and lunch the day after, just Beth, Kacie and me. It was much fun. The next day Kacie was going on a cruise with her friend and her friends parents to Alaska.

Jesse spends most od his working hours either driving to Canyon City for water or to the rock quarry for rock and dirt.

Pics of the quarry


We had the family over on Memorial Day for a cook-out fun day!


The Haman men working on the grill.


Our beautiful daughter


Hummingbird feeder and squirrel having a good time eating.


We were very happy that Howard and Linda came to Mountaindale to visit with us. It was wonderful spending time with them. We had several dinners together and played games.

Look at the beautiful rainbow!!


I am sure that I have left things out, but this gives you some idea what has been happening here in the Rocky Mountains. As Ed would say LIFE IS GOOD!!


Teri said...

Be safe out there. I understand there are wildfires east and west of where you are at.

Teri said...
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Mary Tipton said...

Our youngest daughter just moved to Colorado Springs. She calls me daily with reports about the fires. Be safe!