Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, September 18 - 1st Week in Maryland (Freeland MD)


1st let me say Happy Anniversary to Beth and DJ!


So we arrived last Thursday. It was a hot trip across from the Rockies to the east coast, but we had no problems.

After we arrived and started to get set-up we had huge thunder storm. The thunder booms were really, really loud.

On Friday we took a ride to Hanover, PA and visited with Margaret. We all (the boys went too) got to meet the newest member of their family Skylar. She is a 4 month old peppy puppy, a real bundle of energy.

Saturday was Kelsey’s baby shower. I left camp about 9:15am and drove to Essex. I helped set up the room for the party and then guests started to arrive.



Then finally the guests of honor arrived. Kelsey and Baby Laila.


Kelsey received so many items for the baby, she will be a well dressed baby that’s for sure. Then she modeled her party hat.


Kelsey and her parents


Kelsey and Peter

Kelsey and Peter1

Sunday we went over to Sondra’s. We visited with Sondra and Judy for awhile, then Sondra, Jesse and I went to lunch. We also walked around Trader Joe’s and found a few items to purchase.

Monday was going to be a day of just staying home and doing nothing. Then Mitchell called and he and Margaret were coming by for a visit. It was really nice to see them both and we sat around just getting caught upon  the the family news.

After they left we decided to go to the grocery store to stock up.

Tuesday we decided to take a ride around the area and stopped at Walmart for some supplies.

Yesterday we went over to Kelsey’s house to visit with her. It was really nice to be able to caught up and spend quality time together. She is such a special person and I wish her love and happiness.

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