Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, February 2 - Ground Hog Day (Mercedes, TX)


I am going to attempt to give you a brief idea what we have been up to.

Today I went to get a manicure and then Ed and Marilyn and Jesse and I went to the Rec Hall for lunch. Problem: they weren’t serving lunch today because they were having a bridge tournament. We came home and I made lunch.

We celebrated Marilyn’s birthday at the Japanese Hibachi Grill in McAllen. There was a bunch of us - 14 in total.

                             Henry & Pam     Janet & Bob       Bob             Heinz & Irene        Ed, Marilyn, Sue, Ted, Linda & Jim


                                                            Ed and Marilyn                           Chocolate Martinis


We had a fun evening and the food was delicious.


One afternoon Jesse and I drove to Mission to have and unscheduled visit to see Joyce and Roger. Joyce was out having a day of pampering so we visited with Roger and the newest addition to their family Lily, she is such a sweetie.


Roger made these birds and they are really nice.


We have spent a lot of time just relaxing at home. Some days doing usual chores, dumping tanks, laundry, and cleaning, other days doing nothing. We have had a few cooler grey days and today it’s raining.

We went to the movies one day.

We spent a couple of days in and out of the hospital because Ed had a kidney stone they had to remove. He is much better now.

We (Irene, Janet, Sue, Jan and I) went to ladies night out at the Rec Hall. (Marilyn was under the weather). It was a good time as you can see from the pictures. I even had my 1st ever Jell-O shooters!!

IMG_0153IMG_0157IMG_0159pic 1


pic 3pic 2

This updates you until I get the urge to write again. Travel safe and Hugs to all!


Michael and Dee said...

Chocolate martinis??? Tell me more. If I had one of those I could die happy!

Mike and Dee

Tom and Marci said...

Look out, Ginger, those jello shots can be addicting! Looks like you're having plenty of fun!

Bob and Molly said...

Looks like you're having fun Ginger!! Hugs to all!