Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, November 29 - All About Olives (Gold Canyon, AZ)


Today we, all eight of us, went on an outing to Queen Creek Olive Mill.  They do tours and we learned a few things about olives. Did you know that there are only two kinds of olive red and green (Christmas colors) black olives are made black with lye.

They harvest the trees in October-December (only once a year) and they average 100-150 pounds of olives per tree. Both colors are harvested from one tree and used to make about one gallon of olive oil per tree.

To sum that up one tree harvests one gallon of oil once a year. WOW! They are processed and stored here!


They have a restaurant within the building and a store to purchase oil, olives and vinegars. A very nice outdoor eating area.


You can sample oils and olives which was fun. My favorite was bacon olive oil!


By the time we were finished our tour and purchases it was time for lunch. We decided on Olive Garden. We had a yummy meal of salad, soup, shrimp, chicken, pasta, pizza and bread sticks.


It was a fun time with friends, a great way to spend the day.

Earlier in the week we had happy hour at Trent and Teresa’s. They are staying in the park next door because they are youngster. (our park is 55 and over)

Teresa put out a spread and we had a really fun time and I didn’t need to make dinner.



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luvglass said...

Your yield of olive oil doesn't sound right Ginger. 150# of olives for 8# of oil? Are you sure?