Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 - New Glasses

In preparation of losing our insurance when Jesse retires the end of May, we have been getting all our medical, dental and vision appointment taken care of. The last thing we had left was getting new glasses. We went for our exams about a week ago and they called yesterday to let us know our glasses were ready, so Jesse (who got off of work at noon) picked me up from work a ½ hour early and we were off. We had them done at Rocky Mountain Eye Center. When we arrived they were busy, but we were helped in just a few minutes. They were very nice and professional and we now have new spectacles.

Then the big decision what to do for dinner? This is always a dilemma for us as we play the game GINGER “where do you want to eat?” JESSE “I don’t know what do you want?” (answering a question with a question) GINGER “I don’t care whatever you feel like having” JESSE “Why do I always have to decide?” GINGER “Because, I am easy”. After silence I suggested stopping at Wal-Mart to get fixins for taco salad, and he agreed.

From there he dropped me back at work to pick up the truck. I drive the truck to work because it is only 22 miles round trip. Jesse drives the Explorer to Springs for work each day, it is 100 miles round trip.

Once home I prepared dinner. After dinner we relaxed and watched TV, American Idol and Big Brother.

We ordered a scanner from Wal-Mart on line and it was delivered. Jesse unpacked and installed it in the computer. We are going to scan all our pictures for storing. Hard copies will be boxed and stored in our Son garage.

We are having another open house on Saturday, wish us luck.
That is all for now, I warned you our lives are pretty dull.

See you down the road.


Camille Carnell Pronovost said...

Hi and welcome to world of RVing fulltime! I found your new blog on "justravelin". We've been fulltimers for six years and absolutely love it! No regrets about selling the home. Looking forward to reading about your future adventures.


Kram-a-lot Inn said...

I am quite sure I will have no regrets, but thanks for the encouragement.
See you down the road.