Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, October 13 - Busy weekend

I haven’t written in a few days, because I have been very busy. I worked all the three days I was off on getting things unpacked, sorted and boxed for the auction.

On Saturday we also had an open house, so I needed to keep the house straighten for that, while the detached garage was being setup for the auction. We had 2 people that came for the open house. One was just looking and the other was interested, but had to sell their house 1st.

After the open house I made some potato salad because we were going to our Daughter’s for a surprise birthday party for her. DJ had invited a few people over and she was very surprised.

On Sunday I was back at it again. I set Jesse up with a chair and a few boxes to go through. I had to keep my eye on him, so that he wasn’t doing anything he shouldn’t. He is not feeling any better and we have not received any results from the MRI as yet.

Late in the afternoon Beth and DJ came over to help me get the things out of the crawl space and down from the loft area in the garage. DJ also set up some tables for me. Ryan our grandson was also going to cut the grass for us. Jesse can’t stand for that long and it gave Ryan some spending money and I didn't have to do it.

Once they left I got a shower and heated the potato soup I had made this morning for dinner. After dinner we just relaxed until time for bed.

Monday was much like Sunday for me. I just worked on getting things unpacked and set-up. Becky and Larkin (Becky is Mike’s, the auctioneers, wife and daughter) came over around noon to help me get things unpacked. They were a big help and I appreciated their help very much!! Thanks ladies.

They were there about 2 hours and were willing to stay longer, but I was very tired. After they left I again showered and relaxed and completed doing the laundry.

For dinner we had tuna melts and leftover potato soup. While having dinner the doctor finally returned my call. He said the MRI was not conclusive as to the problem, and they were having some specialist come in next Monday to look at them. I tried to explain to the doctor about how much pain Jesse was in and that I didn't feel that he was manage it very well. Results: NOTHING, he will discuss it with Jesse at his next appointment on Thursday.

After we had dinner we watched TV until bed time.

Getting things ready for the auction is a lot of work. It would be easier if we had a date set up to hit the road, but I keep thinking about how simple it will be once we can

See ya down the road.


Bob said...

Hang in there you two! Hugs!

Bob and Lynda

Ellie and Jim said...

Best wishes to you both and quick healing to you Jesse....Back injurys can be painful....We are looking forward to seeing you guys on the road and are keeping happy thoughts for you......Jim

Joe and Sherri said...

I guess after the auction you will have something to set on until the house goes??? A bed??


Ginger said...


We have 1600 sq ft of floor space. LOL

No we plan to use the furniture from the Kram-a-lot in the house.