Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, September 20 - More Escapees Fun (Sedalia, MO)


Wednesday we took our time getting out for the day.

After showers were done and we were dressed for the day we rode over to event buildings to take a look at the craft sale that was starting at noon.

Then we walked around the hospitality room to see what was happening. We found not much happening so we were off to town to find a bank to get some cash.

Back at the rig we just computered and Jesse napped.

I made us chicken tacos for dinner then afterward we headed over to the  Mathewson Center for tonight’s entertainment.

First on the agenda was door prizes. I understand that there were several couples that have been in Sedalia for a while soliciting local businesses for donations.

They were able to secure all kinds of 10-25 dollars certificates from local eatery’s. Many of the participants in our market place donated their goods for prizes. There were gift cards from Walmart, Staples, tire centers, car wash places, health food stores and some local grocery stores. They said the value of the door prizes were over $15,000. WOW! (But non of us won anything) :~(

The entertainment was Ham-a-rama. Many of the talented attendees sang, told jokes, danced, played musical instruments and read stories. We were pleased and entertained.


Today the first thing was the pet parade. We took our boys as did many of the other pet owners to the front of the activity buildings and walked them past a line of dog watchers. You could dress them in costume or not..Your choice.

I had planned on ours being in costumes but I left them in the totes we stored in the car back in Colorado, along with the bike seats and seat posts. But we have the bikes!!!! At the end of the parade all the dogs got a treat and had time to exchange email address. LOL.

The parade was very cute and I was really happy with the way the boys behaved.

Jesse took the boys home to rest and met me back in the hospitality room for the HAIR RAISING CHILI COOK-OFF!

There were about 12 participants and you could walk through the lines and sample each chili. If you liked it you put money in their bucket and whoever had the most money won an apron and $100. All the proceeded went to Care. Our favorite was Hobo-chili.



Our assistant coordinators Mark and Dortha Hall 

After all the chili was gone we went back to the rig for a short time until we met again at the Mathewson Center for closing ceremonies.

Our coordinators Bob and Molly Pinner thanked all the volunteers for their hard work to make the rally a success. We sang the Escapees song and they gave out a few more door prizes.

Back home again we feed the boys and then met up with Bob, Barb, John and Bridget and went to Denny’s for some dinner.

After dinner we decided to play a card game named “9 hole golf”.


We played in the same building that they were holding a  farewell dance party so we could here the music while playing. Good fun!!!


Talk about fun and funny…..What do you think Jesse and John are doing?

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