Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, September 26 - Travel Day (Gunnison, CO)


We left Mountaindale at 9:15 this morning traveling west on Highway 50. As we passed the river on Hwy 50, I was reminded of what a good time we had riding the river on our raft trip earlier this summer.

We stopped in Salida so the boys and Jesse could tinkle.

We traveled up Monarch Pass and had some really beautiful scenery.







My traveling companion, isn’t he just the cutest!!


We stopped in Gunnison so Jesse could fuel up the truck and continued on another 11 miles down the road. We drove 162 miles and arrived at Gunnison Lakeside Resort, elevation 7,683 at 1pm.

We quickly got checked in at the Passport America rate of $42.27 (including tax) for 2 nights.

I made us a sandwich and we sat enjoying our lunch.  We got set up all except for the satellite which Jesse was having problems. He was getting very frustrated. He noticed some other dish set-up and it was pointing in a different direction, so he pointed ours there and finally got it set-up.

We had a nice evening just relaxing at home.

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