Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday. August 25 – 2010 Sites


The beginning to our work week was pretty uneventful. Ginger went in at noon and Jesse followed at 1PM.

We received our 2010 Schroon Valley Workamper site request form today. It says their goal is to accommodate our requests, but the final assignment will be based on seniority. (Which we have none)

There has been so much talk among the campers about this change to LGSV. Some don’t mind while others are completely not happy. I sure hope the ones that are not happy now, don’t come back next year to make everyone unhappy.

Personally we don’t mind the move….They have committed to having a shuttle to transport us back and forth. The only thing that concerns us are the boys. We need to be able to get to them mid way between our shifts so they can be walked.

Ginger suggested at the meeting last week that we are allowed to have an extra 1/2 hour of lunch break to accomplish this task.

Speaking of are some cute pictures:

Gator attack

Gator Attack Doggie seatbelt  DSC01801 DSC01803 DSC01799

See ya down the road


squawmama said...
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squawmama said...

Hopefully they will accomodate you... Speaking of boys how many do you have??? It looks like a house full! Have Fun!

Travel Safe

Bob and Molly said...

They ARE cute boys!

Anonymous said...

Those are the cutest pics I have ever seen!

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