Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, August 4th – Our Monday


We survived our Monday, which in our case is really Tuesday, and both still have our jobs and it didn’t rain! 

The Head Cheese sent out a memo to all departments stating that revenues to budget were down 100k for July and since payroll accounted for 1/3 of the budget they had to reduce payroll by 33k. 

Therefore 10 people have been let go. Some were work campers and some were locals.  No other cuts are anticipated at this time but who knows. 

The Cheese also stated that weekend business was up but weekdays were down indicating people were not staying as long as last year.   Probably in part due to the economy and the fact this July was the wettest on record for the region.   Rain follows us, we should get hired in drought areas.

Maybe we should put “Drought Busters” on our resume?

We have been somewhat formulating our travel plans for this fall and winter.  Still a lot of stuff up in the air.  (Or as Ellie would say formed in Jello) Some things are pretty definite.  When we leave here we are going to Elkhart, Indiana to see some of the RV factories and museums. 

Might even replace our dinette to a round table.  From there we are on to Hannibal MO. to visit the E&M Dray .  After  Missouri it is on to Colorado to see the children and grandchildren and meeting our future daughter-in-law.  From there things start getting a bit cloudy. 

Just pre-planning this stuff really gives me hitch itch.

Anyways we will get it all worked out and it will be good to get back on the road again.


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Mitch Haman said...

Adam's getting married?

We didn't know anything about it.