Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, January 12 - Yuma, AZ


We safely made it to Yuma and the Desert Paradise RV Park.  It is a typical “Snowbird Park” with small spaces.  We arrived and our space was occupied by the neighbors truck. They had to located a phone number for him to ask him to move his truck because he was not home. After about 30 minutes we were escorted to our assigned space but our 5th wheel barely fit and we were right up against a tree and would not be able to open the awning plus the back dropped down so much Jesse said he would not be able to lower the front enough to get level.

So our escort radioed the office and they gave us a list of several sites to look at.  Jesse rode on the golf cart with Fay the park host and returned a few minutes later not looking to confident.  None of the sites he looked at would work and the manager was off premises and the park hosts could not access the computer to tell what other sites might be available.  The manager arrived a short time later and she took Jesse to a couple of sites she thought would work.  

They came back a few minutes later and Jesse said we should fit into site 77 and SHAZAM…we did.  So that is where we are all set up.  It is only a 30 amp site but we should be ok.  Everyone here is very friendly and Jesse has already met most of our neighbors.  We have quite a few friends in the area so we will get to do some visiting soon.

Yesterday we did a bit of exploring in the area, mostly just driving around.  We found the Walmart,  which is only a couple of minutes away, the mall, a Crackle Barrel, (which we had to try), and a dog groomer that we will try today. 

After a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel we drove to the mall to see what stores where there and to Target.  We wandered around Target but did not find what we were looking for so we made a quick run to Walmart.  We picked up some groceries and a set of sheets and proceeded to wait in one of the many long lines.  This store reminded us of the Weslaco Walmart in the RGV.  

It is a nice looking store and appears to be fairly new but in all of our travels to many, many Walmart’s we have never seen one with so many empty shelves.  This one must  be suffering from some distribution problems.  While there Jesse also rented The Social Network from the Red Box.

We returned home and tended to the pups.  Ginger made turkey Reuben's on the Panini maker for dinner and we ate while watching the movie.  Both we very good.

Tomorrow we get the Boys groomed and while they are at the groomer’s we do a bit more exploring.

Oh, for our friends around the country suffering with cold temps;  Yuma AZ  -  Sunny and 73 here today and warmer tomorrow. 


Gail Durham said...

I love to eat at the Cracker Barrel! enjoy those nice temps!

Anonymous said...

WOW 17 degrees here this morning!!

Donna Daniel

Gypsy said...

Great weather. I'm not sure if I could have held my patience with the problem of finding a suitable site. And what is with someone parking their vehicle in another's site? I guess all's well that end's well though. Enjoy those beautiful temps!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

8 degrees in Dardenne Prairie MO. Hope you can keep those nice days going. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

squawmama said...

Glad you finally found a site that worked for you... Sounds like your all settled in now. Love Cracker Barrel they have such good food and you can pretty much coount on them being the same... Have fun & Travel Safe

Carolyn Hacking said...

The Walmart here on 32nd is the pits as you have found out. There is a Walmart on Pacific Ave. and one on Avenue B, both much better but farther for you to go.

Enjoy Desert Paradise, it is a nice park but small spaces, we are at Mountain Cactus Ranch on Avenue 10E.