Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, January 19 - True Grit

Tuesday was a day for chores and just hanging out at home.

Jesse worked on putting a shelf above my washer/dryer, while I straighten up the inside.

It got quite warm in the afternoon so I closed everything up and put the A/C on.

I decided to make bacon, biscuits and a potato frittata for dinner. Well when I put the biscuits in the convection oven I forgot we only had 30amp service and the A/C was running, so guess what happen? You guessed it I blew the main breaker. Jesse went out to reset it and we turned the A/C off until I was finished cooking.

Our food was good and we sat in the A/C until the sundown when it was cool enough to open the windows.

Today we decided to go to the movies to see True Grit. I don’t really remember the original with John Wayne, but I understand this was not a remake anyway. I enjoyed it, but thought the story line to be a little slow. I think the actors did a great job!

Afterward we went to Kneaders for something to eat, it is similar to Panera Bread. We thought it was good, but Panera’s is better.

Then home to the boys to walk and feed them.

Watched TV for the evening.


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squawmama said...

True Grit is on my list to see too... I thought it was a remake but with a few differences. It was filmed around Fort Smith Arkansas where my daughter lives so that is another reason we want to see it.
Have fun & Travel Safe