Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, March 14 - Not much going on (Coarsegold, CA)


This morning we did our usual. I also did more laundry.

Jesse wanted to go to the movie to see “Battle: Los Angeles”. So around 11am we took off for Fresno to see it in stadium seating at a Regal Theater.

The movie was okay…lots of action, Jesse thought it had good special effects.

Afterward we stopped in Oakhurst at Vons to pick up a few groceries.

We had leftover pasta bake that I made yesterday along with some fresh bread we got at the store for dinner.

Here are a few pictures from our site and around the park.



The entrance

Yard decorations from a neighbors site I thought was interesting.


Different yard art


The “nut tree”….. The squirrels store their acorns in this dead tree so they leave it standing.

IMG_4433 IMG_4431

Each site gets a shed

Have a wonderful day!!



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