Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, March 24 – Travel Days (Las Vegas, NV)


Our site at Morro Bay packing up in the rain.


On Wednesday we traveled 185 miles to Mojave, CA traveling East on 46 and 58. It rained most of the first few hours of our travel.


When we left California we traveled 58 to Barstow then Interstate 15 into Vegas. It took us 237 miles and it was an easy travel day.

We will be here for three weeks before moving on to the Grand Canyon.

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Bob said...

Sorry you've had so much rain but glad you got to enjoy CA! We had 3 windows de-fogged in Hudson, FL, then our slide sounded funny when we were leaving. yup - the same one the motor burned out on our first journey. Jojoba can't come soon enough! Will deal with who can repair it in the morning here in Cleveland, GA. Lynda and Bob