Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, February 28 - Wine Tasting (Napa, CA)


Today we decided to go to some wineries and do some tasting.

But 1st - Saturday.

We went to the movies to see “The Kings Speech”.  After watching the Oscars we were glad we did.


We were recliner (couch) potatoes.

Our first tasting was at Ravenswood winery in Sonoma.


We shared a $10 tasting of 5 different wines. All were very good, some I liked better than others.

I worked for a wine distributor “Bacchus Importers”  when we lived in Maryland as a bookkeeper for three years. This was one the the wineries we purchased from.

Bob the gentleman that did our tasting was very knowledge about the area. He informed us that their are over 400 wineries in the Napa, Sonoma, St Helena area. The rainy season is November-March. Some vines are over 100 years old, but most are replaced every 25 years because they bear better fruit.

Then we went to Beringer.


They have it set-up so you can do a tour of the tunnels were the wine is stored. We arrived about 40 minutes before the next tour so we went to the store and the tasting rooms first. We walked around outside and Jesse was examining the fence?


Here is one vine which bears about 2 bottles of wine and our guide, John.


Inside the tunnels


These smaller barrels hold about 288 bottles of wine.


In the tunnels they have some tasting rooms that are rented for gatherings, I didn’t ask the price. The tables were just gorgeous.



Some decorative barrels.

The whole tour was very interesting and informative.

By the time we were finished it was certainly time to go home to the boys and as always they were very happy to see us. We had salad and leftovers for dinner and hung out for the rest of the evening.


Gypsy said...

I always loved the old Christian Brothers winery. It was closed some years ago because the bldg was declared unsafe, and I'm not sure if they even have a tasting room now - it wouldn't be the same though.

Cyndi said...

Budhi and I love to visit the vineyards and wineries here in North Carolina and your trip through Napa Valley is one of our bucket list items........Can't wait to be able to visit them. I think with as many as they have we might would have to stay a couple of months in the area. LOL

squawmama said...

Looks like a perfect day to me... I love visiting wineries...
Have fun & travel safe