Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, February 26 - Old Faithful (Napa, CA)


Today we were up and out the door early. The boys had an appointment to be groomed at 9:00am. We dropped Bayer and Buddy off and took Mr. B with us. He really didn’t need his hair cut as it grows slower.

Then we went to Black Bear Dinner for some breakfast. The food was priced reasonable, but they give you sooooo much food, even Jesse couldn’t finish his serving.

Then we decided to take a ride to Calistoga.


It is about 35 miles from here, but WOW it was a really pretty drive…that is were all the wineries are. We pasted by 30-40 wineries. We saw many fields of vines, some really nice homes and some middle to lower income homes.

Once we arrived in Calistoga there really wasn’t much to the town itself.

We did find California’s Old Faithful Geyser. We paid the fee of $10.00 per person, $7.00 for 60 and over. My opinion too much money for this attraction.





The sign says it goes off every 5-10 minutes. I sat there for two of them that were less then 5 minutes apart and only lasted about one minute each.

After our drive through the town we headed back to Napa.

My bug I had is not all gone so Jesse took me home for a visit to the water closet then we left to pick up the two big boys. They look much better and Buddy is white again.

We came home and hung out awhile.

Then decided to ride over to the Baskin Robins right up the street for an ice cream sundae. 

We had artisan bread and leftover chili and macaroni & cheese for dinner, watched movies and HGTV until bed time.


Kathy and Robert said...

I've seen that Black Bear Restaurant but never stopped there. Sounds like it's worth stopping at, however, I agree with you about the guyser.
Napa's such a beautiful area.
Glad you're having fun. Maybe we'll see you in CA sometime.

Bob and Lynda said...

Well, today we are from New Jersey but yesterday we were from Marietta, GA. Strange! I bet those low to middle priced homes were in the low millions! :-)