Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, February 16 - Farmer’s Market (Solvang, CA)


Today we didn’t have any real plan for the day. Around lunch time we decided to go into Solvang and walk around some more and get lunch.

There are many places to choose from, so we looked at several menus along the shops. We decided on a new little place that was very “Panera Bread” looking only on a much, much smaller scale.

I order a grilled chicken Panini and Jesse ordered a tuna melt. They had not gotten their food order yet which meant they didn’t have any chicken, so I got a tuna melt also which came with soup or salad. We both got the special cream of broccoli. The cook felt bad because he did have any chicken so he gave me a freshly made blueberry muffin to make up for it.

After our nice lunch we walked around town. Wednesday’s they have a farmers market in town so we walked through there.


Some of the vegetables looked really nice, but we were traveling tomorrow and not sure how much cooking I would be doing, so I didn’t purchase anything.

Before leaving Jesse wanted to purchase some pastries so we went to one of the bakeries and went wild. This will be dessert and breakfast for a few days.


After we returned home I finished up the laundry and just relaxed watching TV and playing on the computer.

Hugs until tomorrow!


Chuck-Kathy said...

Love Solvang. There is a very nice state park at Morro Bay, can't remember, think it might have only electric if that. Also near Santa Cruz there are SP's right along the ocean. Good Luck

squawmama said...

Oh my goodness... do those pasteries ever look delish!!! YUM-O
Have fun & travels safe

Speedy said...

I gained two pounds when I saw the pasteries!!! Sherri and I are trying to lose some weight and everything looks so good! Be safe

Gypsy said...

Wasn't Solvang originally a Danish settlement? If so, that would explain why they have superb pastries! Enjoy.

Debbie Goode said...

MMMMM those pastries sure do look yummy!