Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, February 8 - Peanut Patch (Yuma, AZ)


I will start by showing you the new additions to our new grill which by the way we both really like. Jesse ordered wings for both sides and a cover.


On Monday we decided to do some shopping. We went to Kohl’s (bought nothing), Bed Bath and Beyond (purchased a paper towel holder), and Petsmart  for food for the boys.

We were hungry so we went to Mimi’s Cafe. We were seated right away, and our waiter came right over to see what we wanted to drink and gave us menus. He brought our waters then didn’t come back for about 10 to 15 minutes. We placed our order, Jesse ordered a shrimp Po’boy sandwich and salad, I ordered a tuna sandwich and soup.

It took another 20 minutes to get our soup and salad. After we finished it took another 10 minutes for sandwiches to arrive. Jesse’s shrimp came and was cold and I received and cold chicken sandwich, I ordered tuna. It took a few minutes to see the waiter again and Jesse motioned for him and as he walked past us saying he would be back. When he returned we told him of the problem and said that we would pay for the soup and salad, but we had waited 50 minutes to get the wrong sandwich and we were done.

It took him awhile to bring us a check for $4.43, we left $5.00 and walked out.

Mimi’s was one of Jesses’ least favorite places to go, so I am sure it’s someplace we will never go back to.

By this time it was time for the boys to walk so we went home. We found some leftovers to eat during our refrigerator raid later in the evening.

Today we were out the door by 9:30 am and drove to


They do tours on Tuesday at 10am. We were a little disappointed because there really was no “tour”. We were all taken to a barn and the owner told us the history of The Peanut Patch.


Inside we were seated and she explained the process of growing peanuts.


A dried peanut plant


They do not grown them here in Yuma anymore because of “white flies” which are drawn by pumpkins and peanuts and will then attack any leafy plant. Since 75% of the worlds winter lettuce is grown here in Yuma and these flies kill green leafy plants they stopped growing peanuts here in 1997.  They import the peanuts from Texas and Oklahoma.

They also make their own peanut butter and peanut brittle,


and some really awesome fudge which they give you as many samples you want. (We bought 1 lb.)


In the store they sell their product along with lots of other candies. Lots of people purchased items to take home.


Some of the equipment they use.


We went to Penny’s dinner for some food. Not much to write about there, then on to Walmart.

It was 4pm by the time we got home. Jesse walked the boys and I fed them.

We grilled some sausages and hot dogs for dinner, and watched TV for the rest of the evening.

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Looking for retirement said...

I love going to the Peanut Patch. It's been about 5 years now since we were there. I go there just for the peanut butter because it has no sugar or lard. My other favorite spot is way out in the country north of the hwy to get a date shake. Of course they are very sweet and play heck with your blood sugars. But, oooh they are so good.