Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, February 1 - Washed and Repaired


The Splendide authorized repair man Chris arrived right at the scheduled time of 10am. I had moved all of our belonging away from the area and Jesse had removed the top of the washer/dryer so we were ready for him.


This is a picture of the heating element that needed to be replaced that and he had a very hard time getting out. It also shows the chunk of concrete that is in the unit to help keep it balanced.


It took Chris about 2 hours to finish the job with Jesse’s help. We purchased an extended warranty on our Alpine when we purchased it and hoped that we could turn the repair into the insurance company, but they said no because it wasn’t new with the RV. Bummer.


I can’t tell you how much the repair total is because Chris has not given us a bill yet. He was waiting on the insurance and is suppose to stop by tomorrow with a bill. That’s a trusting man!!! I did a load and it is working good as new.

We also had the rig washed today. Sam’s Mobil Washing washed and wax the rig and washed the truck for $99. What a bargain!

After a busy day for us we relaxed for the rest of the day and just hung out at home.


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squawmama said...
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squawmama said...

Glad you got your washer fixed... I can't live without mine! Funny you used the Bloggin Friends pic... I designed that years ago! It use to have my blog address on the bottom. LOL LOL
Have fun & Travel safe

Gypsy said...

I have never come across a mobile washing service in my travels, and I sure needed it a few times. Now I have a smaller camper, I still need to have it washed!