Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, September 18, 2015 - Travel to Wyoming (Caspar, WY)

We left Estes Park around 8:45. I followed Jesse in the car, he wanted to get down the steep road.

We barley made it up the road towing, so he thought it would be safer if I followed for the first 30 minutes.

Once we were on level ground we pulled over to the side of the road. We hooked up the car and traveled the rest of the way together in the truck.

We stopped at a rest area to walk Bella and visit the restrooms. Then we arrived at Fort Caspar Campground about 2:15.

I paid the Passport America rate of $22.00 for a FHU pull through.

We unhooked the truck and left the car hooked up and got set-up in no time. I really love the ease of getting set-up.

JFYI- Our stay at Jellystone was also a Passport America rate for 5 nights at $28.50 per night for FHU back in. We were right on the road so it was quite noisy, and I didn't sleep very well.

Okay back to today. Jesse rested for a little and then took the truck for fuel.

We had left overs for dinner, I just made some veggies to go with the meat.

The rest of the evening we just relaxed in front of the computers and TV.

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