Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, July 17 – Honey Bears Birthday Day


Today I opened working 7:30-4:30.  We were very busy with 176 check-ins and I was scheduled to work the front desk, again today same as yesterday.

After two days on my feet hobbling around with my heal, I was very tired when I got home. My feet and ankles were swelled, which has never happen to me before.

Jesse worked 8-5 helping to build a shed for the storage of the golf carts during the winter.

During our lunch break all employees were supplied with pizza and cake for “Honey Bears Birthday Bash.”

I think I have mentioned before that each week LGE has a theme. Honey Bear is the name of the children's store and is our official mascot and today was her Birthday, although we don’t know how old she is, because a lady never tells her age!

Honey Bear made an appearance and posed for pictures with the employees. I was just happy to get off my feet for awhile.

Tomorrow I am suppose to work the express check-in booth. I am scheduled for 11-8pm. Jesse works 8-5 again, but we will have off on Sunday and Monday and I for one am looking forward to just relaxing.


Joe and Sherri said...

Well work warriors! Sherri is off until Wednesday of next week. We have a ways to travel until then plus we have to take the trailer by the dealership for some work. Give the bear a hug for me on her BIRTHDAY.

Mitch Haman said...

Try not to work to hard.

Toby and Bailey really miss Bayer, Buddy and Mr.B.

Bob said...

Sorry to hear about your foot problems! Feet are so important and we don't appreciate them until they don't work! Been there! Bob and Lynda