Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, July 6 - Surviving the Holiday


Well  we made it through the busiest weekend of the season.  A bit tired and worn out but mostly unscathed.  The campground was full for the 4th and even now that the holiday weekend is over we are at about 75% capacity.  I imagine it will be like this for the rest of the summer. 

In reading Howard’s blog,, we seam to have a lot of the same problems.  Some people just think they are exempt from all the rules and that they only apply to others or their campground fees entitle them to everything under the sun.

The campground fees are for 2 people and LGE charges $6. for each person over 2.  The same goes for visiting guests.  You just don’t get to use the facilities for free and many people have a hard time with this.  I am glad guest services people like Ginger have to deal with that stuff.  I do my best to avoid aggravation of any kind.

People are always complaining about their noisy neighbors especially in the tent sites.  A lot of tenters will complain their site has no water or electric when they rented a dry site to begin with.

Before taking this job I would have thought tenters would keep their area cleaner than those in campers being they are closer to nature and all that.  NOT! Unbelievable the amount of trash people just leave all over the place.  Some just come for a one time camping experience and throw chairs and grills in the fire pit when the leave.  If anything can be salvaged we place them near the dumpsters and give others a chance to claim them before we toss them into the dumpsters. 

Many complain because they expected a private campsite…duh. 

If you rent a site for an RV, we charge an extra $10 to pitch a tent.  I would have a problem with that myself. Our prices are steep but we do have a lot of amenities in the campground that are included in the price like all the cold water you would ever want to shower in and more mosquitoes than the Amazon.

We do have a large Fun N Games department that has tons of activities for the kids at no extra charge, like frog hunts,hobby horse races, water play, marshmallow flings and the list goes on and on.  Activities are scheduled from 10am till 9pm non stop and some are overlapping.

When I try and look at things from a child’s view point, they probably think this is the greatest place in the world. I see them while I cruise around in my work truck, aka the golf cart, with the biggest smiles on their faces.  All of them having more fun than you can imagine.

And for all the problems it is the usual 10% that cause most of the problems.  The other 90% are a joy to be around and it makes working seem like fun.  Go figure, work and fun in the same sentence.


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Anonymous said...

I have you and your family in my prayers.

Donna Daniel