Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, July 16 – Travel back to N Y


We left yesterday at 6:20am and after 400 miles we arrived at the Kram-a-lot at 2:00pm.

We unloaded the truck and then I unpacked, put away everything, and started the laundry while Jesse went to get the mower to cut our grass.

I started dinner, I made a pasta and chicken dish. Afterwards we watched the shows we had recorded while gone, before going to bed to sleep in our own bed.

Today we both worked 8-5 and was very tired when we got home. I made Jesse a steak and I had a pork chop along with veggies for dinner.

I am going to watch Big Brother now, so everyone have a good night.



Joe and Sherri said...

We are so glad that you made it home safe.

The Happy Wanderers said...

Glad you are safely at home. We miss you guys and think of you often. We thought about turning at the Wal-Mart and driving back to see your former home when we were in Pueblo, but knew that would make us miss you even more.
Can't wait to see you in Hannibal.
Hugs to both of you,
E & M