Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, July 27 – Exploring

This morning we did our normal routine. I walked the dogs and Ginger made the bed. Ginger had the coffee pot all primed from the night before so all I had to do was I turn it on, that way I get half credit for making coffee. I save up my credits to use to get myself out of hot water that I manage to get into from time to time.

While drinking coffee and computering I turned on the Today Show and low and behold Meredith Viero and Ann Curry were in Lake George doing a segment on vacations. It was kind of cool seeing some of the stuff we see all the time on TV.

After cleaning ourselves and dressing I dropped Ginger off at Walmart to get her prescriptions and start the food shopping while I went to Tractor Supply to get dog food and to the post office to mail some stuff.

Oh yea, on the way to Walmart we stopped at the Sutton Market and Cafe for breakfast. Cute place, kinda high priced but the breakfasts were ok.

After returning to the Inn and unloading the groceries and walking he boys again we thought we would do a bit of exploring. Some of the local attractions give discounts or even freebies to the resort workers. We stopped by personnel on the way out to get letters of introduction, aka our free pass, and headed north on I-87 towards Potterstown and the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves.

DSC01387 I thought when looking at their web site it looked a bit familiar and when we arrived I knew we had visited there on our trip to the Adirondacks in September 2002. It was ok since we were going to get in for free, can't beat the price.

DSC01388 DSC01391 We did some walking thru the area though we did not go on all of the trails. It was really not too exciting and none of the rocks had changed in the past 7 years. At least it was something to do and got us out of the house for a while on a beautiful summer afternoon.


After about an hour we had enough and left to drive further north to the town of Schroon Lake. Really not much in the town but private residences on the lake. We were hoping for some touristy shops but not today.

After realizing there was nothing to see we turned around and headed back to the campground via the back roads and avoided the interstate. Also had to make a stop at a soft ice cream place on the side of the road. I have an affinity for ice cream, soft, hard, vanilla, chocolate, doesn't matter. If I can get it in my mouth it's good.

On the way we also stopped at another lake, Loon Lake, for a look see.

DSC01415 DSC01416

I have never seen or heard a loon in the wild and thought this might be my chance. Still have not seen or heard a loon in the wild.

Once we got back and I walked the dogs again and then we sat outside for our own little happy hour. Ginger with her wine and me with a gin n tonic. Did not want beer after the ice cream.

Ginger made delicious taco soup for dinner and the rest of the evening was spent relaxing in front of the TV and computers.

We are good at relaxing and do it every chance we get.

Not that I am anxious but only 63 days and we are outta here and heading west....and I am anxious.

A note from Ginger:

I enjoyed our outing, even though not much had changed in 7 years. I love watching the water move over the rocks and the sound it makes.

Here is also a picture of a water fall that was just before the entrance.

DSC01383 BTW I made taco salad for dinner, not soup.

Hugs to all

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Leno said...

Glad to see you out enjoying yourselves.. You are working much to hard...