Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, July 20 – Our weekend


We ended our two days off having a drink with Joann, Jim, Anita and Hank.

Today is Joann’s birthday and we wanted to help her celebrate. Jim and Joann had to work today, so we didn’t go over to their place until almost 8PM.

Yesterday, our 1st day off, we relaxed most of the day. We did a few chores. Jesse washed the truck and we both worked on the back seat.

We had made the back area of the truck for the boys, but then we couldn’t put up the center console in the front seat for a third person it sit. We needed to cut the board so we could push up the console. We took it out, I removed the staples so I could uncover the board. Jesse sawed away the portion I marked, then I re-stapled the cover and put in all back in and that job was done.

We ordered a pizza from the grill tonight for dinner and then relaxed in front of the TV until going to bed.

Today we had an appointment for the boys to be groomed in Glen Falls at 10am.

We took them for their appointment and then went to The Silo, a local type Crackle Barrel restaurant, for some breakfast. Afterwards it was on to Walmart to do our shopping.

After shopping it was time to pick up the boys. They look so good and they know it.

DSC01376 DSC01381 DSC01375 When we got back and I finished putting the groceries put away I went to the laundry to wash our sheets.

I also went in search of Joann so I could give her a card and sing to her.

Back at the Kram-a-lot I started dinner. We had grilled salmon and shrimp. Pasta with garlic, butter, olive oil, and parmesan cheese and a salad it was yummy.

We have to go back to work tomorrow, Jesse goes in at 1pm and I go at 2pm.

Everyone have a Great Day!!


Bob and Molly said...

OK, the boys DO look beautiful, Will you sing to me on my birthday, and can we come for sounds really yummy!

Anonymous said...

The boys all look so cute.
I miss them very much.

Love M&M

Joe and Sherri said...

You had a busy day! I sat around the motel room and watched TV and played on the computer. Sherri got home at 2:00 and we went on an adventure that lasted an hour WEEEE