Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, September 10 – Ben and Jerry’s


Today we went to Stow, VT. to the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory tour.  We avoided the interstate in hopes of some scenic or interesting adventures or at least some maple syrup. 

We did not really see much to speak of, except for Lake Champlain and  lots of farm land. 

We arrived at the factory after an hour and 30 minute drive. 


We went inside and paid our $4.00 fee and waited 10 minutes for our tour to start.   There wasn't much to the tour.  First was a 7 minute film on the history of the company and then we were escorted to the mezzanine viewing area. 


There the guide explained the 7 key steps in the manufacturing process.  We could see the production floor but they had already met the days quota so there was only the sanitizing crew cleaning.  The tour ended at the sample room where we were all given a small paper ramekin of Triple Caramel Chunk. 

We quickly browsed the gift shop


Only purchasing a real size ice cream.  We decided to take the fastest route back but as we approached Burlington traffic came to a stand still.  We quickly exited I89 and drove around the town looking for another route.  We ended up in more traffic jams as several thousand of our closest friends had the same idea. 

We managed to find our way back to I-89 past what ever the stoppage was and continued our way home.  This time the quick way took almost 2 hours.

Last year while in Texas we went to the Blue Bell Ice Cream factory tour.  That tour was more enjoyable, it was free, you got your choice of any flavor they had, and it was a real size cone or dish.

After walking and feeding the boys we went to Rouse Point, NY to Angelo's Pizza for dinner.  Sure wasn't a low fat kind of day.

Tomorrow it is on to Montreal for a day trip.


Tom and Marci said...

Hi Ginger & Jesse --

Nice to see you back on the road! We visited Ben&Jerry's a few years ago, and it was free then . . . but still just got a taste of the flavor of the day (I remember the day we were there it was something banana - yuk!) Stowe was a really cute town, though!

Safe travels!

Tom, Marci & the boys

Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

If they treated you more proper, they would probably have another customer for the rest of your life, but as it was, you were not only turned off but all of us reading about it are turned off too. Because they can't afford a regular sized ice cream for their visitors???? Some accounting jock thinks he's saving money!!!