Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, September 24 - Fighting Stink Bugs


We planned a relaxing day at home today. So when we got up we took our time reading blogs and computering while have coffee.

I started doing laundry and changed the bedding.

Just at noon Sondra called saying she just got out of Synagogue, she didn't need to babysit, so she could come and visit us, I told her I would make a light lunch.

She arrived a little after 1pm. I made some tuna salad and served with leftover egg salad, chips and watermelon.

She browsed through her pictures from her trip to Russia. She brought me a Matrioshka wooden doll.

As we were sitting there we noticed a few of the Stink Bugs had gotten in our trailer. They have been all over the outside since we arrived, but this is the 1st day we noticed then inside. There was a space on one of the side-outs where we thought they were getting in so Jesse worked on sealing that. I hope it does the trick because these bugs are disgusting.

Sondra left around 3:30 in hopes to beat the traffic, she called when she got home, it didn't work.

Jesse and I just hung out for the rest of the day.


Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

I found this on the internet on fighting stink bugs, hope it helps!

Solution = soapy water! And spray your house. They die instantly, so, it's an easy solution without harmful sprays. I used dawn and water put it in a pumper sprayer and sprayed the whole front fascia boards and all over my windows and they all died, and today are not so bad out. They're here and there, but nothing like yesterday.

Bob said...

I read in the Washington Post about the stink bug issue. We're fighting gnats here in GA. I appreciate them more now that I've heard your story!

Bob and Lynda