Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, September 26 - Baby Shower


We got up packed (which by the way I really don't like to do, I love having my things with me no matter where we go) and headed to PA. We arrived at Mitch & Margaret's (M&M) home by 10:15am. We got all our things inside and the boys seemed happy to see each other again.

I had very little time to relax, because I needed to get dressed to go to the baby shower. My sister's son Richard and his new wife Stephanie are about to have a baby. Actually a lot of new things in their life. They just got married a few weeks ago, bought a house on Friday and having a baby any day.


We are staying in Hanover so I need to drive to White Marsh, MD. Jesse was staying here with all the boys. Happily my drive was without incident.

Stephanie got lots of really nice things for the baby.

IMG_3396 IMG_3394 IMG_3397

It was really nice to see other family members, although not really able to visit.

           Rob and Debbie                     Shannon, Kelsey and Debbie      Kathy making the bow hat

IMG_3389  IMG_3395

The cake was made by Shannon

This was a diaper cake, very clever

And Stephanie wearing the hat


I returned to Hanover. Jesse ordered a pizza for dinner and we watched TV until bed time.

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