Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, April 29 - Jesse Worked, I Kept Busy (CS, CO)


I was suppose to work today, so I got up and got my shower and was getting dressed when Jackie came to the door to inform me that we were not working today because David (the owner) needed the computer.

Jesse and Tony were suppose to paint sheds today. When they reported for work it was too windy to paint so they were given the job of clearing the brush and trimming low branches around the trees in the area around the Seclusion Cabin.

It was hard backbreaking work, but they worked as a team and didn’t seem to mind.. Jesse was soar when he got home.

Jesse put our Kayak on Craig’s list to sell and we expected someone to come and look at it today. We also expected the new toilet to arrive. Since he used his phone number for the contact on both of these he left his phone with me.

We get very little phone service here, but seem to get a little reception in back left hand corner of the RV, so he didn’t want to carry it with him and left it with me. The problem was I didn’t know where he was working. When the man for the boat called and said he would be here in 10 minutes, I jumped in the truck to try and find him.

The first person I found to my surprise was Debbie Goode, she was wondering the campground looking for us. She hopped in the truck with me, we found Jesse and he came home to show the guy the boat, while Debbie and I went inside to visit. BTW he sold it for $150.

Debbie didn’t stay long. After she left I did some chores around the house and made lunch. I sat and had lunch with Jesse on his break and he went back to work.

Debbie and Bill were leaving in the morning, so they came by to visit, just as I was cleaning up the kitchen from making dinner.

Adam and Kim were coming over for dinner and to pick up the sofa. I made Shepherd's pie with ground turkey, onions, carrots, peas, cheese and of course mashed potatoes. I wasn’t sure how much they would like this dish because they both are red meat eaters…mostly elk and venison, but they both liked it and had seconds. I made a cucumber and tomato salad to go with it.

It was really fun to have them both over for the evening, it was our 1st time having our daughter in law for dinner. Adam is blessed to have such a beautiful young lady to share his life. Jesse and I feel blessed to have her as part of our family.

Well the new toilet never came today and 1/2 of the split broken ball came completely loose. Jesse was concerned that it might go into the tank, so he took the toilet off and removed the broken 1/2, this is what it looks like now.


At least we can use it until the new one comes in, hopefully on Monday.


I.M. Vayne said...

I.M. thinkin' this here all has to be true. There is some things that ya just can't make up. :)

squawmama said...

Glad you got to meet Debbie... ☺
Have fun & travel safe