Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, April 3 - Weeks Worth in one Blog


We have not posted because Ginger has been lazy and Jesse didn’t want to. This is a joint effort.

Tuesday 29th 

Ginger went out with Carolee and while she was gone Jesse washed the rig. He was going to wax it on Wednesday but the weather got awfully hot plus he would have to buy a ladder (which he has wanted to do anyway) so he decided to wait a few days. By Friday he lost interest in waxing and figured he would just wait till we got to Colorado.

Wednesday 30th 

Jesse took the truck to the car wash and had California removed from it. Strange that you can wash you RV at the resort but not your vehicle.

We also made an appointment to get some warranty items taken care of at the Camping World in Colorado Springs so we are committed to be back there on the 20th. Would rather not use Camping World but only 2 authorized warranty places in the Springs and Camping World is much more convenient.

Thursday 31st 

We took the boys to get groomed and while they were at the groomers' we took a run to the Strip to see a couple of casinos that have opened since the last time we were there.

We parked at the Planet Hollywood and realized when we walked in that is was the former Aladdin Hotel and Casino. Other than the name not too much changed.


From there we took the walking overpass to the other side of Las Vegas Blvd to the Cosmopolitan which just opened in December. Pretty elaborate casino but the hotel lobby reservation area was not impressive.


From there we walked next door to the City Center and Aria Casino and Hotel complex. Just huge is the only way to describe the complex of 5 hotels, residences, spas, shopping and casino.


Pictures in the shopping areas


By the time we were finished touring the boys were ready so we went to fetch them. There was an animal clinic next to the groomer’s and Mr. B had a stomach bug that he could not get rid of so Jesse sat with the 2 big boys and Ginger took Mr. B to the vet. The gave him some pills and special canned food and within 48 hours he was back to normal.

Friday April 1st 

We met Carolee and Crystal and Camren at Fazoli’s in Henderson for lunch and afterward Ginger went out with the girls and Jesse went home to relax. Later that evening we went to Wally World for provisions. Boy, what a different crowd at night versed daytime.

Saturday 2nd 

We had plans to go to Olive Garden with Jesse’s sister Judy but she called and begged off due to lack of sleep the night before. We decided to try a new coffee shop at Boulder Station and play the machines a bit. The food was good with huge portions. We did OK on the machines with Jess breaking even and Ginger winning $20.

Sunday 3rd 

We were having the Nelson’s over for a cookout. We arranged for the resort to bring over another picnic table so we would have seating for everyone. We cooked hamburger, hotdogs, and chicken legs. Ginger also made Festive Rice Salad, baked beans, potato salad, knox blocks (Jell-O squares), and brownies.

We even set up the Ladder Golf game for the 1st time. It was fun having everyone over and explaining the full timing lifestyle.






Chuck-Kathy said...

Hope we will be able to get together in Springs some time. We will be there for the month of June for sure, maybe a little earlier. See ya then, travel safe.

Speedy said...

It sure sounds like the two of you have been real busy. Sin City sure looks like it has changed since we were there many moons ago...