Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, April 26 - Snow, Easter, Hanging Out and Meeting Friends (CS, CO)




We just hung-out at home all day. It snowed, but was not sticking. I sure was pretty watching it come down.





We woke up to this


We were to meet David at the office at 10am for some orientation.

I took some pictures on our walk to the office


He was late getting there so we visited with Mary Nell and other employee’s.

I took these pictures of the rec room and game room.


We talked about the campground and Mary Nell took me on a tour of the campground, touring 4 of the 7 cabins. Their cabins are really very nice, much nicer then the ones at Lake George Escape.

Jesse took his campground tour with Charlie.

We expected this to take about an hour, but 3 hours later we were home and very hungry. I made us something to eat, left over chicken, gefilte fish (I made yesterday) carrots and onions and peas. It was a strange mix of food especially for Easter, but very good.

We left to drive to Walmart for a few items I needed and then on to Beth and DJ’s home. They were busy with friends all day but we were invited to join them for dessert.

Beth made several selections for our sweet tooth, but most of us had warm apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream..Yum!

Kim joined us but Adam was not feeling well so he stayed home. It was a very nice evening.



I made a pot of chicken chili to share with Jackie and Tony went they arrive tomorrow. I did more laundry and still, not caught up yet.  We mostly just took it easy today and got caught up on some of the shows we DVR’ed.

We had turkey burgers for dinner and relaxed for the evening.



Jesse made a trip to Canyon City to get one of our propane tanks filled, he also took our neighbor Alan’s to fill. He went to Home Depot to get the parts he needed to install our outside water filer inside the convenience center.

I made some bread pudding (Jesse and Tony’s favorite) and tidyed-up our little home on wheels. When Jesse got home he helped me get the table positioned for our guests and then I set the table.

We expected the Albasini’s, Jackie, Tony and Miss Gucci to arrive at noon and they were right on time. getting set up on their site behind us.


Jesse and I walked over to greet them with hugs all around. This was our first time meeting them face to face although we have communicated for quite some time now.

We left them to continue to set-up and invited them to come over when ever they were ready.

I made some corn bread to go with our dinner and plated some fresh strawberries and grapes also for dessert.


We enjoyed our visit with them so much and the boys loved that they came to visit them.. We are looking forward to many more gatherings with them this summer.


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Sounds like your enjoying your time there...
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