Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, April 8 - This Weeks Happenings



Carolee picked me up around 10am and we went off to Joanne’s. I want to replace the wood covered lambrequins with fabric curtains. Jesse took off one of the lambrequins for me to take  to use for color.

We browsed the 60 inch fabric and found 2 we liked. After walking around with the two we decided we really like one much better, only they didn’t have enough fabric on the bolt and would take 4 weeks to order more.

So she gave me all the information and I will try the Joanne’s in Colorado Springs.

We went out to lunch then to Target for a few things before she dropped me back at home.


We just hung out at home, really enjoy these days. Grilled some turkey minions to go with the leftovers for dinner. A view out our back window.



Jesse dropped me at Crystal’s house. Carolee had spent the night there because Crystal had an early doctors appointment and Carolee stayed with Camren.

We played with Camren and watched the movie Tangled with her. Cute movie.

Once Crystal was home we ordered subs for lunch and we played with Camren while Crystal took a nap.

Once again Carolee dropped me off at home.

We fed the boys dinner and went to visit Judy for a little while.


Jesse and I went to Walmart to pick up a few things and drop off my prescriptions. After returning home and putting away our groceries I drove to Carolee’s house to hang out with her. She also put a new zipper in a pair of Capri pants for me. Thank you so much.

Around 4 I drove home and got dressed for dinner (I had on sweat pants …… so I put on Jeans <<<<< that is dressed for dinner LOL).

We met Chick, Carolee, and Chick’s mom, Ella Mae at Olive Garden for dinner. We had a very nice dinner with lots of conversation. I had forgotten my glasses at home so Jesse had to read the menu to me. I got the special they have been advertising on TV. It was good but looked better then it tasted.

We went home to get my glasses and drove back to Carolee’s for an evening of playing games. Lots of fun and I won which made it even better.

This was the last chance to spend time with Carolee this trip, BOO HOO, because she leaves Saturday morning for a week long retreat with some of her lady friends. They quilt, sew, shop and share ideas and she enjoys it so much.

It was late when we got home and we were tired.


Judy came over about 1 to spend the afternoon with us. Her tire was low on air, so Jesse aired up 2 tires for her that were low. Then we sat outside and grilled some chicken for an early dinner. I had made macaroni salad with shrimp, tomato and cucumber salad and white and dark meat chicken.

The day was filled with lots of conversation and we really enjoyed the day with Judy.

Jesse was not feeling real well, coming down with a cold, so we stayed home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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Speedy said...

I kinda like the week wrap up you are doing! I would do that too but I can't remember that much information. Sherri and I are camped here at our lake lot working on our place. Trying to get it ready for our retirement in a year. I'll be reading you later