Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, April 28 - Back to Work (Colorado Springs, CO)


Yesterday was Ryan, our grandson’s, 17th birthday. We were to meet the family at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.

Since we had to go into Pueblo we left a little early and went to Kohl’s. We each purchased a few items then went on to dinner.

He said he didn’t want a cake so Beth got some mini cupcakes and put a candle in it and we sang to him anyway. 



We enjoyed spending time with the family and it was really nice to be there for Ryan’s day!


Today was my 1st day of work. I was to meet Mary Nell at the office at 9am. I was there a few minutes early so I sat outside in the sun on the bench in front of the office, it was very peaceful.

I spent time watching her enter reservation in the computer. We went over many of the rules and I think I have a good handle on the procedures. I spent 5 hours working today and will go in again tomorrow.

I noticed that the flush ball in the toilet had a crack in it this morning. Jesse looked on line at the Dometic web site to see about getting the part replaced. He couldn’t find a replacement part so he called them.

He was informed that we would need to replace the whole toilet, and that they had one in the Denver warehouse and they would ship it out today and we would have it tomorrow. Cool! Of course no charge, we are still under warranty, but Jesse will have to install it.

Jesse also unpacked his work clothes and took them to the laundry here at the campground to freshen them up. He also started to work on changing the water filter.

After I got home I was very hungry so I made a sandwich and relaxed for a short while before feeding the boys. Jesse walked them and we were out the door.

Kacie had a soccer game in Canon City and we were going to watch her.

IMG_4722Kacie 1IMG_4723IMG_4726

They played very well and won the game 1-0! YEA!!

After the game was over we stopped at Walmart for a few items. We unpacked our purchases and I warmed the leftover chili for dinner.

I am really tired now so I am just going to sit and watch TV and relax.

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