Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, April 15th - Travel Days (Colorado Springs, CO)


We had our last supper with our friends Chick and Carolee Tuesday night at Claim Jumper. It of course was bitter sweet. We have been friends for more then 30 years, living across the street from one another, our children used to play together. Love you guys, thanks for a wonderful visit!


I was not served my garlic toast with my meal so they gave me a dessert on the house. This is one serving, needless to say we shared and still didn’t eat it all.


The whole cake


On Wednesday we got packed up. Went for supplies and the bank for travel food and money.. We played Bingo one last time with no wins.

Thursday morning departing Clark County Shooting Complex


We had an uneventful trip to Williams, AZ and  parked at Grand Canyon Railway RV Park.





Friday we went to the Grand Canyon. We took the boys with us and they enjoyed their trip. I could post tons of pictures but will only do a few.


It was a wonderful day and we just came home and relaxed and had leftover pizza for dinner.

Saturday we left the boys home and headed to Sedona. It is larger then I expected but a very pretty drive.


We visited the The Chapel of the Holy Cross



Up on the hill walking to the chapel we saw this home that was just like the one we use to have. (Well maybe in our dreams)


We were so happy to meet up with Bob and Molly & John and Bridget for lunch and a wonderful visit. We met at a small place just North of Sedona called


We sat outside and had really good sandwiches and great conversation.



By the time we were finished visiting it was time to get back to the boys. They were happy to see us. We were not too hungry for dinner so we just took a ride into town and got a Blizzard at Dairy Queen.

We left Williams on Sunday morning and headed to Casa Blanca, NM. Here is some scenery along the way.


Monday we were traveling again and planned to stop in Raton.

When we stopped for lunch we decided to drive straight through into Colorado Springs.


Entering Pueblo


We arrived at Mountiandale just about 4:45pm

We are parked in site 69. We will wait to get the outdoors set up as we are suppose to get some cold wet weather over the next few days.

I made breakfast for dinner while the deer came to visit last night.


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Molly and Bob said...

It was nice to see both of you again! Enjoy CO this summer! Hugs!