Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, April 28 - Finally Outdoors is Set Up (Colorado Springs, CO)


When I left you last we were going to Springs to watch Gage play hockey. He loves hockey and plays very well for his age group. He plays at the U.S. Olympic Training Center which is right next to the World Arena.

When we got there the Olympic Figure skaters were practicing.


Shortly after the Zamboni came out to prepare the ice for the games.


Gage plays goalie and geared up.


They play three - 18 minute games and I am not sure but I think they won 2 of 3..


On Thursday the weather was much better and Jesse went off to work. He was only going to work for a few hours because we were going to drive to Boone where Beth lives to await the arrival of her new appliances. That took up all of our afternoon and early evening. We stopped on the way back to camp for some fast food at Arby’s. Spent the rest of the evening just munching and relaxing.


Friday Jesse went to work again and I went to town to get a manicure and shop at Safeway for meat and produce. WE love shopping at Walmart because the prices are good, but their produce and meats are not always the best.

After I returned I went right to work. We had a group arriving for the weekend and it was steady until around 4pm. I worked until 6pm went the last guest arrived.

At home I grilled some fish with baked potato and salad for dinner.


Saturday I made potato salad before going down to work in the office for 2 hours. Not much going on that needed my attention so I went home. Made some lunch for us and no sooner sat down to eat, I got called back down to check in an unscheduled guest. No problem it was quick and I was back home.

After lunch we changed and got dressed to go over to Beth’s again to help celebrate Ryan’s, our grandson, 19th birthday. It was a beautiful day around 80 degrees in Pueblo and Boone.

Adam made BBQ ribs, I made potato salad and Beth made beans, garden salad and chips and dip. It was a good time being with the family again and the birthday guy was happy with his haul.


These are more of our grand dogs Otis and Hunter



Today we spent the day outside getting our site set-up. We also got the basement some what organized. 

Then we cleared out the big truck. We have a guy coming in from Texas on Thursday that wants to buy it.

Here are some pictures of what we look like now.

After we sat outside for awhile just enjoying our space and resting. We put out the humming bird feeder and we had a bird feeding already.

I came in to take a shower while Jesse took a nap while sitting in his outdoor recliner. 

To quote a dear friend  …………..  Life is Good!


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Looks like you had a fun time at the birthday party with family.

What will you be using to tow the trailer with if you get rid of the big truck. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

The Happy Wanderers said...

Miss you guys and will see you soon!
Big hugs to both of you!