Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, April 20 - Family Time (Colorado Springs, CO)


When I left you on Thursday we had a winter wonderland that was beautiful.

This is what it looked like about 6pm on Friday. It warmed up and the snow melted.

I worked 5 1/2 hours on Friday and was very busy. We had a group checking in for the weekend.

During the winter they upgraded Quick Books so there are some new screens that I need to get use to and try to figure out..

Jesse worked on some problems we were having with the rig.  We noticed that the carpet was wet on the step up behind the bed. He shut the water off to the washer until he had a chance to get in there and find the problem.

He found that the drain hose was not secure and water was splashing out. He secured the hose and did a load of laundry to make sure there were no more water leaking. He put fans on the wet areas to help dry it.

We had left overs for dinner and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Today we were up and out the door by 11am. We drove to Canyon City to watch Kacie play soccer.


She is number 21.

This is Colt our youngest grandson leaving the game.

From there we all met Adam our son and Gage our grandson at Texas Road House for an early dinner. Yesterday was Adam’s 39th birthday and this was our time to celebrate.



After a good meal we all went back to Adam’s house for a game of Dominos. Beth won..but we all had fun.



Our new grand dog Bandit, he's a lover.


It was a great day and much fun spending time with our family. We brought Gage home with us to spend the night. We don’t get to see him as much as the others because he lives with his Mother so we treasure our time with him.

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