Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, April 22 - Not Much Going On (Colorado Springs, CO)



Yesterday I started my morning making breakfast for the 3 of us. Bacon, eggs, and toast. Gage kept saying how good it was. He usually only has cold cereal for breakfast.

He was watching a movie on the TV. After that was over he and Jesse went outside to throw the football. I took that time to get cleaned up. We all sat outside for awhile, it was sunny and around 60 degrees.

Then after lunch we drove to the Walmart in Pueblo West to pick up some needed supplies and Gage’s other grandfather picked him up there. It was really nice having time with him and hope we can have him again.

After I got everything put away we just relaxed for the evening.

Neither of us were really hungry. I had a banana while Jesse had a bowl of cereal for dinner.


Today Jesse worked today for a few hours in the Ideal Cabin.

He and Lee (another work camper) are to rip out all the paneled walls, kitchen cabinets and floors. David plans to remodel and enlarge the cabin.

The boys and I stayed home. The high temps were around 57 today and partly sunny OR is it partly cloudy. You choose!

I stripped the bed and washed the bedding. I also did two other loads of laundry one of which was the boys beddings.

We received a call from Michael our Camper Force Rep from Amazon. Yes believe it, I am working at Amazon again this fall. I called Jesse over to the rig so we could do our phone interview. We were accepted. I do have a very good reason to work this fall. We are planning to travel to Alaska in 2014. We need fuel!

For dinner I grilled Jesse a steak and made apricot chicken thighs for myself.  Sides were mashed potatoes and broccoli.

We are suppose to get more snow tonight and tomorrow, so you may get more picture.


John Rivers said...
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John Rivers said...

I've been reading up quite a bit about Colorado on your blog as well as RV 123 I definitely believe that Colorado has to be my next travel destination. It appears to have beautiful scenery, perfect to just kick back and relax with not much going on.