Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, August 15 - Moving to Full Hook Up (Colorado Springs, CO)


Yesterday Jesse and I made a trip to Walmart for supplies. It was the 1st time we left Bella alone and I think she did good. Wish I had a video camera so I knew for sure how she did.

Last night we went to dinner with Ed, Marilyn, Eddie, Jan, Jeff and Nan to a Thai Restaurant. Jeff and Nan were leaving tomorrow morning. NaRai Siam Cuisine located right off Hwy 115 in the Broadmoor/Cheyenne Mountain area.

I was a little hesitant to accept the invite because I don’t like spicy foods and a lot of dishes are made with coconut juice which I am allergic to. I let our waitress Hannah know of restrictions.

8-15 005

I ordered Orange Fried Shrimp and Jesse had Thai Basil Chicken and are meals were delicious. Good company for a successful evening.

The group

8-15 002

Nan and Jeff

8-15 001

Jan and Eddie

8-15 007

Ed and Marilyn

8-15 006

This morning we were moving into a full hook up spot #83 right next to Ed and Marilyn.

We were ready to move as soon as Jeff pulled out. We had a welcoming committee- Ed, Marilyn, Eddie and Jan were there to greet us and welcome us to the neighborhood. Then they left us alone to get set up.

I got things set up inside and started laundry. Jesse got us set up outside.

8-15 033

8-15 034

8-15 035

The move for Bella was exhausting I guess. She needed a nap! LOL

8-15 032

While we were just relaxing we saw this little guy eating on Ed’s truck tire. Look at those full cheeks!!!

Sqirrel 003Sqirrel 004Sqirrel 001Sqirrel 002

More pictures of Bella

8-15 014

8-15 019

8-15 025

8-15 030

WARNING!!!  I never get tired of taking pictures of Bella and sharing them with our readers.

Jesse was taking Bella for a walk and look what I found them doing.

8-15pm 002

We sat outside with Ed, Marilyn, Eddie, Jan and Bella with a cold drink.

8-15pm 005

8-15pm 006

8-15pm 004

After awhile we broke up and everyone went home to have their dinner.

Have a nice weekend!!!!


Tom and Marci said...

She's so cute -- I can see why you never tire of taking pictures of her!

Chuck-Kathy said...

What a cutie, I see a lot of smiles in your future. Enjoy.

John said...

To repeat from the other commenters - not much to say except she really is a little cutie. Becki

dreamjosie said...

I never get tired of looking at Bella. Keep those pictures coming. Your new site looks nice. And how convenient right next to ed and Marilyn.127

Trent and Teresa said...

Bella definitely has your eyes and nose, but she seems to get her laziness from good ol' Jesse!!

What a sweetheart!!

Have fun with E&M ... TnT