Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, August 6 - Mixed Things (Colorado Springs, CO)


Jesse and I left the park around 9:45. We needed to find some place to stay for the remainder of August because Mountaindale was full.   A terrible thing for a campground  HAHA!

How would you like to live here?


We decided to have breakfast first. So we went to Sheldon’s and had a good breakfast at reasonable prices, unlike Canada and Alaska

I picture of downtown Colorado Springs


Then we rode over to the Humane Society. I was almost in tears, there are so many big dogs needing a home. I had to get out of there. We only saw one small dog but it was already being adopted.

Then we went to: Cheyenne State Park.



We saw these turkeys. I didn’t get a good picture. I also took  a picture of the view from the campground.



They didn’t have anything so we went to Golden Eagle Ranch Campground014

They had site available, so that is where we will probably wind up.

We returned to the park and just relaxed at home for awhile.

Then Bob, Janet, Jesse and I decided to walk up to Ed and Marilyn’s site. We brought cold drinks to share and we all sat outside visiting. We were joined by their neighbors.


Around 7pm Jesse was hungry, so we said goodnight and went home. I warmed leftovers for us and we watched Big Brother.

After that we went for a walk around the campground and visited with some friends during our walk.

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