Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, August 19 - Pictures and Lunch Out (Colorado Springs, CO)

This morning we were sent some pictures of our new rig. There are still some things that need to be finished but it’s getting close now and we are very excited.




Just a little sneak peak.

We played with Bella until time to get showers and ready to go to Old Colorado City for lunch and Jorge’s. Ed and Marilyn picked up up at noon and Eddie and Jan followed in their car.

The wait staff was not too swift in my option, but my food was good. Jesse and I split an order of chicken fajitas. Jesse had a beer and I had Pepsi.

Everyone else ordered margarita’s and various entrée and said it was very good.

After sitting for as long as we thought appropriate the ladies and Jesse walked to the chocolate factory 2 doors down. After our purchases of a little dessert we ran for the car in the rain.

When we returned to the campground it was not raining, but it did sprinkle a little later in the day when we all sat outside under Eddie awing.

Ed was reading Eddie and Jan a story that he had written about hiking trip and Jesse and I interrupted. SORRY ED!.

When things broke-up and we all went back to our own rigs for the evening.

Bella wants to thanks so much to Marilyn, Ed, Jo and Fred for the toys and treats she has been given.

Wishnie 007

Wishnie 005

Wishnie 006email

Marilyn 003


bernice brown said...

The kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! The rest of it all too! Wow! Can't wait to see it for real........& Miss Bella too!

bernice brown said...
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Trent and Teresa said...

Hey Ginger - You have a new rig and a new puppy - sure hope 'ol Jesse ain't due for replacement...LOL
Enjoy yourself... TnT

dreamjosie said...

Yup, that Bella is going to be spoiled.....but you already knew that right? Give her a smooch from us please.

Jo & Fred