Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, August 16 - Colt’s 9th Birthday Party (Colorado Springs, CO)


Our day started with me making waffles for breakfast. I piled strawberries high on top and then topped with whipped cream.

One of Jesse favorite!

001 (2)

We left camp about 2pm and headed to Pueblo. We stopped at Petco because we needed to get Bella some puppy food and we are looking for an outdoor fence/corral for her. No luck on the corral.

We arrived at Beth and DJ’s right on time at 4pm. Monday the 18th our youngest grandson Colt will be 9 years old.


DJ grilled some brats, and burgers. Beth made mac and cheese, pasta salad along with lots of chips and dips.

We were hungry and everything was yummy.

The boys all played inside and out and were having a good time running around being boys.




Colt like his Dad, Mom and Uncle will be a hunter. He has been through hunter safety training and has been out with his Dad several times. He got his own rifle and was very happy.


DJ and Colt




I think a good time was had by all.

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