Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, February 6th – Lunch & Ed’s Pondering


Today we both did our walking, Jesse with the guys then Marilyn and I.

After us girls were finished I came home to shower and get cleaned up to go to lunch with Ed and Marilyn at “Taste”. Its a place in Weslco that use to be a house converted into a restaurant. Each room is decorated in different colors and it is very nice place. They have a daily special and Friday’s is fried catfish and seasoned fries.

That’s what Ed got the the rest of us got Ruben's, Turkey for the girls and corned beef for Jesse and they came with sweet potato fries.

We were very relaxed, having good conversation and laughs then Ed started “pondering”. He pondered his thoughts out loud to us, and it was “R” rated very quickly. We laughed and laughed at his pondering suggestion.

As I said being “R” rated it is not appropriate for me to share with you, it was all in good fun, but if you meet Ed someday you may want to ask him about it.

After lunch we rode with them to Wal*Mart, because I needed to purchase a new hair dryer. While I was using mine this morning it sparked and quit.

They dropped us off at our rig and we invited them to come by for cocktails later.

They did walk up, but it was so windy that we only sat out for about 40 minutes before we called it a night.

Jesse and I had biscuits and vegetable soup for dinner while watching “Lonesome Dove”.


Joe and Sherri said...

It is not nice to keep us all in the dark about Ed's X rated conversations...You know we all have feelings and also nosy as all get out!!! That is OK I will find out in March

Joe and Sherri

Bob and Molly said...

Hey Ginger...I don't know about this "R" rated stuff...sounds interesting! Glad to see you're having fun!
Look forward to seeing you in Kerrville in March!
Hugs to both of you!
Molly & Bob