Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, February 17 – Style Show


After our routine morning events I along with Sue and Pat were going to the style show at the rec center.

The annual event was sold out and was very nice. We were served lunch 1st.

DSC00021On the table went we arrived were our salads and dessert. The main course was what you see above.  It was served on a bed of lettuce, made in layers of bread, cucumbers, ham salad, chicken salad and covered with cream cheese as icing and topped with olives, chives and tomatoes. It was surrounded by fresh fruit.

My lunch companions were all as impressed as I was with the creations. 

DSC00023Our dessert was plated with vanilla pudding, sponge cake, pineapples and topped with whipped cream. Everything was very tasty and the presentation was top notch.

The fashion show consisted of fashions from three shops in the area. They took turns having models from the park parade around in the outfits. The models all did a GREAT job, and some of the fashions were very nice. They showed casual and dressy apparel.


I had a good time and very glad I went.

Back at the Inn, Jesse and I decided to go to Wal*Mart to look for CD/DVD storage containers to consolidate space. They had many different options. We choose the cheapest option, we found plastic containers for $1.14 each and purchased the paper sleeves. His idea is to take them out of the jewel boxes and conserve space.


DSC00030 I will let you know how this turns out. Of course the VHS tapes will not be consolidated.

After we were back home we just relaxed. We had leftovers for dinner and watched American Idol.

Hugs to all

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Joe and Sherri said...

Not a bad idea....thanks for sharing. I will have to look into that when I get settled somewhere.

Joe and Sherri