Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, February 15 – Feed back

I must explain my comments about Valentine Day’s from yesterday. Jesse’s comment about it not being his holiday is just his sense of humor.

Also, we usually do not exchange Valentine gifts. He has been so nice that I wanted to get him something just to show him how much I appreciate him. I was not trying to slam him in anyway. He does usually get me a card only he thought we were not doing cards anymore and he was right.

Today was very cool, humid and cloudy. We just hung out all morning. Jesse took down all our wood valances. We felt the wood scalloped valances were too old fashion.

We have purchased curtain rods that Jesse is going to put up. We purchased material at Hancock fabrics and I will make a valance to put on the rods.

We think this will make the decor look more updated and certainly be less weight.

After out trip to the fabric store in McAllen we went to a Mexican restaurant called Chuchos. Jesse said the reviews on this place was the best of the ones he read.

I didn’t bring my camera… :~( … I sure wish I had. The decor was not the usual bright colors of most Mexican style eateries, it was very plain. There was a large glass window between the kitchen and where we were seated. You could see goats which were skinned and spread eagle on a steel frames cooking over a grill. It was on the menu called “Cabrato”.

Jesse liked his combo dinner, cheese enchiladas Americana, tamale and a beef taco. I ordered chicken enchiladas with mild green sauce, both meals were served with beans and rice. I didn’t like the green tomato sauce. It was sour tasting. The prices were very reasonable, but I don’t think we will go back.

Once we returned home we watched TV until bed time.

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