Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, April 9 – RV-Dreams Rally Day 3


Again today Jesse was off the the meeting room to make coffee while I stayed at the rig to get dressed. I will refer you again to H&L journal entry for the scoop on what happen on the morning seminars. RV-Dreams 

Jesse and I attended the seminar given by Chris and Jim Guld…The Geeks on Tour "Manage Your Digital Photos With Google's Picasa ".

Chris & Jim I learned a lot about using Picasa and really look forward to learning more. I could hardly wait to go home and play with my pictures.

We needed to be back at the meeting hall for our 6:00 pot luck dinner. Jesse and tried to sit with different people each night so we could spend more time meeting people.

These were our dinner companions tonight

IMG_2682There was a lot of good food there and I wanted to taste everything..but I just didn’t have enough room in my stomach for everything, but I did a darn good job!

After eating it was time for “RV Dreams Family Feud”.


H&L had asked on his web site those that wanted to participate 50 questions about RVing. There were 300 plus people surveyed and the answered were based on those answered. It was sooooo much fun and my team came in 2nd place. Here are some pictures:

IMG_2685-1 IMG_2686-1 IMG_2688-1

IMG_2691 IMG_2692-1 IMG_2697-1

IMG_2694  IMG_2693-1


Everyone I talked to had a BLAST!

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