Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, April 6 – Shopping, Kibbitz, and Poker


We needed to get some dog food and groceries, so we took off for Petsmart and Walmart, which is 35 minutes away. 

We had decided to try the boys on a less expensive dog food and something we could get at Walmart. So a few days ago we started them on Beneful. They seemed to like it okay, but they pooped more then twice as much then before. Jesse was not a happy dog walker the last few days.

So we decided to go back to our old Pro Plan dog food. Even though it is more expense and we have to get it at pet markets, we think it is better for them.


There happen to be a Cracker Barrel in the same shopping area, so breakfast was our next stop. As usual we had a great breakfast then on to Walmart which was just around the corner.

We loaded up on our supplies and groceries and then I needed to find a liquor store so I could get Linda her requested beverage of choice.

Getting all that done we headed back to the campground.

Linda was having a beading class at 1:00pm and I decided to ride down and kibbitz. I took some pictures of the action.

IMG_2640 IMG_2641 IMG_2642

Everyone seemed to be having a great time and doing very well. Some even finished the bracelets.

Linda was also trying to do some laundry, so while she was teaching I walked over to the laundry and finished up that chore for her.

While I left some chicken for Jesse to grill for dinner. He had just started when I got home. We finished that up and just relaxed until time to go to happy hour.

There we about 50 people in the circle tonight and Linda got all the volunteers lined up for check-in tomorrow. Jesse will be making the morning coffee the 3 seminar days. I along with Charlene and Anita will be teaching the tee shirt braiding to anyone who wants to learn.

When the circle started to break up, Jesse and I went home he walked the boys while I made a salad. I put the chicken on top and that was dinner.

Jesse agreed to play Texas hold’em with a few of the guys at the clubhouse starting at 8pm. The boys and I stayed home and flipped back and forth between “The biggest Loser” and “American Idol”.

Jesse split the pot with Ray and came home a winner.

We continued to watch TV until bed time. It was a good, busy day and tomorrow promises to be another.

BTW the weather has been just wonderful. Today was 85, a light breeze and sunny….BEAUTIFUL !!



Karen and Al said...

We fed our cats Iams cat food for years. They threw up a lot but I attributed that to them just being cats. Recently we bought some Blue Buffalo cat food at Petsmart and found they quit throwing up and didn't eat nearly as much. What I thought was a bargain actually turned out more expensive. You may find the more expensive food actually costs less.

squawmama said...

Yes the cheaper foods are so filled with fillers that they do poop more... and I am not so sure it is that good for the little furbabies... Sounds like your keeping busy... Have fun & travel safe!

Mary Lou Montgomery said...

I enjoy following your travels and when I read your entry for today I wanted to comment on your dog food change. We took a 2 day trip a few years back and I failed to pack enough dog food for our Yorkie. We ran to walmart and I bought the Beneful dog food, our Tink loved it. She put go in it really quick. But, after a couple weeks, and I, like you was glad to be buying something cheaper than the Eukanuba she had eaten since we had gotten her. She got so sick we almost lost her. She had a pancreas attack and she was sick for a couple of weeks. The vet said that the dye in the food was so bad for her that it caused her to have a reaction to the food. I don't know if her size was what did it or not. But, we then had to start feeding her Science Diet to get her stomach settled. She now has a pancreatic episode about ever 3 to 6 months. I blame the dye in the Beneful for getting that started. So I was very glad to hear you went back to the more exspensive food. Good luck and best wishes for your travels, enjoy the rally! I enjoy following all of you on your adventures!!

Happytrails said...

Sounds like a great time!! Wish we had been able to attend. Have fun and I look forward to reading about the rally.

Mike & Gerri (